Lunches I Love

Love lunches that tick all the boxes! Ingredients: 1/2 Avo (Healthy Fat, Check!) 1 -2 slices wholewheat seed bread (Wholegrain carb, check!) Smoked/plain chicken breast (Lean protein, check) Side salad (Veg, check) Followed by fruit and yoghurt for pud (Fruit, low fat dairy, check) Ok, I promise no more “plate of food” pics a’la Instagram. […]

The superfluous series: The Best Belly-Fat Burners

You exercise and eat well, but you’re still tired of your tummy tyre… I can’t promise that the foods below will turn you into a spartan, but they can help burn that pesky belly fat. 1.¬†Low-fat milk, low-fat yogurt, Swiss cheese Secret belly-fat burner: Calcium Try: Healthy Frozen Banana Yoghurt Why? Studies have revealed¬†a strong […]