The Green Monster Goes Rogue

Meet the Bircher Muesli – Green Monster lovechild: Ingredients (2 servings): 4 Tbsp Herbalife Formula 1 1 banana 2 Tbsp hemp seed powder 1/2 avocado 3 spinach leaves 1 apple 1 cup oatmeal 2 Tbsp. mixed seeds 1 cup plain yogurt honey to drizzle Directions: Juice the apple and spinach. Add to a blender along […]

Indulge without the bulge

It’s Christmas, and I’m no Grinch. Indulgence is a right. and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Wishing you and your families and friends a blessed day of fun and festivities. If you do one thing right over this period, have a healthy breakfast and get the day off to a good start with your Herbalife Formula 1. Having […]

3 Ingredient Macadamia Nut Milk

  Remember that R17 bag of macadamia nuts? For once I don’t feel bad going a little nuts with experiments and don’t fell like I’m wasting each precious little macadamia by not eating them as is. So macadamia milk it is: Ingredients: 1 cup macadamia nuts 4 cups water Vanilla to taste (optional) Stevia, honey, […]

Double Choc Chip Parfait

Ingredients: Layer 1: Bircher muesli and/or granola Layer 2: Choc Chip Yogurt Layer 3: Herbalife Formula 1 Choc Mint Flavour, mixed with Choc Chip or plain yogurt Ready, set, destroy! Link of the day: The 10 best snacks for runners

Healthy Milktart Makeover

Milktart has always been one of my favourite desserts. Lucky for me that my mom is the Milktart Queen (which she feels a somewhat bittersweet title, having progressed from her title as “Tequila Queen” in her heyday). I needed something sweet after dinner the other night (funny that…) so I whipped up a tart in […]

Avocado Chocolate Mousse Meal: Raw, Sugar Free, Vegan, etc etc etc!

Easy, healthy, creamy, chocolately… what more could one ask for? Secret ingredient…. Ingredients: 2 Scoops Herbalife Formula 1 (preferably chocolate flavour) 1 avocado 2 tablespoons of cacao Sweetener of choice (taste first to see if/how much you need): Honey, maple syrup, stevia, or xylitol Simply blend all of the above, taste, adjust, blend again, (You […]

The superflous series: My 10 Most Filling Snacks

Sometimes I feel like my stomach is like the fuel price: no matter how much you put in it never seems to fill the tank! There are a couple of snacks, however, that can satisfy a pesky rumble in the intestinal jungle better than others. It seems the trick is to seek high protein, high fibre […]