The Green Monster Goes Rogue

Meet the Bircher Muesli – Green Monster lovechild: Ingredients (2 servings): 4 Tbsp Herbalife Formula 1 1 banana 2 Tbsp hemp seed powder 1/2 avocado 3 spinach leaves 1 apple 1 cup oatmeal 2 Tbsp. mixed seeds 1 cup plain yogurt honey to drizzle Directions: Juice the apple and spinach. Add to a blender along […]

A Shake That Will Surprise You

The return of the Green Monster… This is one monster you should not be afraid of! Ingredients: 2 Tbsp Herbalife Formula 1 3 spinach leaves 1 banana 1 Tbsp hemp seed powder 250 ml (1 cup) milk of choice You’ll be surprised how yummy healthy tastes! To find out how you can change your eating […]