Berry Yummy Muffins

I ran past a bulging bramble berry bush, turned back, gorged, then came back with a Tupperware. In summer, exotic bramble berry bushes suddenly spring into bursts of red berries, that ripen to black. The plants are near impossible to eradicate from natural bush, so I feel that my berry picking is is fact an […]

Back on Track: How to fool-proof your snacking

I am a firm believer and lover of healthy snacking, but when I get home from work (even though I have already had afternoon snacks) I seem to have an uncontrollable snack-attack, reaching for anything that requires no preparation. Unfortunately, these are often the less healthy options. Usual suspects include rusks, cookies, fridge leftovers, and […]

Bananabutterbread Snack-cess

So easy, so satisfying, so anytime snackish: Did I mention foolproof? 1. Toast bread (seedy for sure) 2. Spread sugar-free PB 3. Mush banana 4. Sprinkle cinnamon 5. (Make tea somewhere in between) Related Posts: The superflous series: 10 most filling snacks The superflous series: best belly fat burners Low fat bananabread

Superflous Series: The 10 Best Snacks for Runners

…and snacking. And let’s face it:three square meals are no match for a runner’s appetite. The good news is that eating small meals throughout the day not only silences your grumbling stomach, but can also keep that metabolism ticking. Nutrition Tip: A good goal is to eat six meals spread over 16 waking hours—about one every 3 […]

The Snack I’m Ashamed Of

Is it this?…. Or this?…. Surely this is shameful?…. Or.. WTF is that??? It’s actually rather healthy… But just so damn weird. The logic is relatively simple: 1. My favourite part of sushi is the sea weed (bring on the handrolls). So leftover sushi kit seaweed = yummy nibble. But something was missing… 2. What […]