Indulge without the bulge

It’s Christmas, and I’m no Grinch. Indulgence is a right. and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Wishing you and your families and friends a blessed day of fun and festivities. If you do one thing right over this period, have a healthy breakfast and get the day off to a good start with your Herbalife Formula 1. Having […]

Muesli Makeover: Bircher Pancakes

The bircher muesli binge continues:                 Transformation time… Pancake o’clock! Just take your bircher bowl from the fridge (I’m assuming you have it prepared already, as you should), add a little more Herbalife Personal Protein Powder or Formula 1 to firm em’up.. Then blob into  a non stick pan on […]

Anytime Breakfast Bowl

Snack Time! (PS.. Can I just eat breakfast all day?) Ingredients: Cooked oats (wholgrain carbs, tick!) 1 Scoop Herbalife Formula 1 (all the boxes, tick!) 1 Hearty Tsp PB (Healthy fats and protein, tick!) Handful of granola (is it OK to dig your hand into the cereal box? It’s the perfect serving size!) Pumpkin seeds and […]