Power to the Pancake!

I love my Herbalife shake for breakfast – quick, convenient, filling… and I know I’m getting everything my body needs in the right balance to get the day started in the right way. When I have a little more time on my hands on a Saturday or Sunday morning, pancakes are the perfect way to use my shake in a an even better batter.


 Bircher Muesli Pancakes with Herbalife F1

Breakfast Just Got Better

Breakfast Just Got Better

 3 Ingredient Pancakes (gluten free if using Free From Herbalife Formula 1)

Pancake Stack Herbalife low calorie pancakes

 Apple Cinnamon Pancake Stack

Herbalife Apple Cinnamon Pancakes


A side note: I apologise for the  lack of regular blog posts ! The worst part is that I have no excuse. One thing that did happen though was that my media card gave me the finger, and a host of photos for the blog along with it. It deflated my drive, pardon the pun!

Link of the Day:

Keeping it clean with organic produce + stuff you DON’T have to worry about!

The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15

The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15


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