Lick my Locks!

My tresses are far from my pride and joy – fine, DEAD straight (even after the curling iron ladies have trapped me in the mall)… EXCEPT for the lethal recipe of dry from winter + dry from artificial heaters + in desperate need of a trim + subjected to a hair band + on a run + in the drizzle = matted Barbie hair beyond any conditioner or comb.

“So Help-Me Selfie (with perfunctionary pout* oops, forgot the hashtag)”
Homemade Hair Repair

I needed Hair Repair Extraordinaire, and I wasn’t about to pay over R100 for chemically-laden goop. Good ol’ Google referred me to the kitchen – coconut oil, olive oil, and honey:

Homemade Hair Repair Mask

I have loaded the locks and I’m hoping the birds will leave the nest in my hair and take it with them. If all else fails, I can wring out my hair into a pan to make a stirfry, or enjoy a few hours smelling like a salad.

Link of the Day: SuperSuperfood Crunch Granola Muesli - Best Herbalife Recipesfood Muesli Crunch




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