Back on Track: How to fool-proof your snacking

I am a firm believer and lover of healthy snacking, but when I get home from work (even though I have already had afternoon snacks) I seem to have an uncontrollable snack-attack, reaching for anything that requires no preparation. Unfortunately, these are often the less healthy options. Usual suspects include rusks, cookies, fridge leftovers, and fistfuls of peanut butter (sometimes all in one go!).

First step: identifying the problem; second step: a solution. If you have a similar snack attack problem, read on…

In snack attack mode, instant gratification is key: must have NOW, no cutlery will get in my way! The key is to have healthy snacks available NOW. It may take 30min of your time on a Sunday evening, but try make a huge seasonal fruit salad and sliced veggies and dips to grab for during busy weekdays.

Healthy Snack: Veggies and Dip

Healthy dip ideas:

Link of the day:

My 10 Most Filling Snacks

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