Peaches and Cream Shake

Peaches are nature’s ultimate lesson in not judging the book by the cover. Peaches, you’re a summer fruit,  take off your horrible caterpillar skins and let us enjoy your naked, juicy deliciousness! Once I had psyched myself up sufficiently, I managed to pucker up and peel a peach. And it was worth it. Note: peaches […]

Berry Yummy Muffins

I ran past a bulging bramble berry bush, turned back, gorged, then came back with a Tupperware. In summer, exotic bramble berry bushes suddenly spring into bursts of red berries, that ripen to black. The plants are near impossible to eradicate from natural bush, so I feel that my berry picking is is fact an […]

Meaty Monday (Vegetarians, Shield Your Eyes!)

Tempted? Perfectly pink steak is enough to upset the Meatfree Monday applecart. Do I feel guilty? Not at all! I often end up having a “Tofu Tuesday” or “Vegan Vednesday” anyway, so the planet will allow me a meaty Monday every now and then. Steak and Salad with Horseradish, Onion Marmalade and Avo: Link of […]

Easy Chocolate Almond cookies- no flour, no butter = better batter!

My friend Cath is always a willing taste-tester, so while she was on holiday I subtly sent her a recipe I wanted to try. Luckily the recipe tickled her taste buds too, and she made these no flour, no butter almond chocolate cookies. Unfortunately she was baking in the Big Smoke, about 500km away, so I […]

Even Better Barley Bircher Muesli

Oats, step aside, barley has replaced you in the “Grain of Fame” – I love the texture and nutty flavour in salads and soups; next obvious step was to breakfast-ise it as Barley Bircher Muesli. The ingredients and method are similar to the original Bircher Muesli, with the exception that you should precook the barley before […]

Back on Track: How to fool-proof your snacking

I am a firm believer and lover of healthy snacking, but when I get home from work (even though I have already had afternoon snacks) I seem to have an uncontrollable snack-attack, reaching for anything that requires no preparation. Unfortunately, these are often the less healthy options. Usual suspects include rusks, cookies, fridge leftovers, and […]

Organic at your Doorstep

I love getting mail that’s not a traffic fine! Organic goods straight to my doorstep, even better! Thanks Faithful to Nature! What I got: Bee Natural Body Butter (Rose) Tea Tree Oil Hemp Powder Face Cream Probiotic Liquid Tissue Salts Fun in the Sun lotion with natural UV protection (ironic that the stuff we put […]

Free Customised Meal Plan!

What are you nutrition goals? A one-fits-all meal plan doesn’t necessarily work for everyone! To get your own, customised meal plan: 1.  Follow this blog (click on any page “About” “Herba-Healthy” etc., and use the “Follow Blog Via Email Widget) 2. Email with your nutrition goals 3. Your FREE, customised, hassle-free eating plan will […]

Bowl me Over Granola Take #3: Man made muesli bars

So we’ve tried Cath’s Granola Bars, Mom’s Granola Bars, Super Seedy Bars… yet to find the perfect granola bar combination of healthy and delicious. Ladies, we may have to admit defeat. Delicious, healthy, high protein, sugar free, gluten free healthy fat granola bars do exist. And they were man-made, a ‘la my sister’s boyfriend, Tim. […]

Lunches I Love: Back on Track Supersize Salad

Would you like that supersized? Most of the world it’s back to work after a festive season laden with mince pies, roasts, cookies, chocolate, not to mention the booze… I bet my left kidney (damaged goods anyway) that at least 80% of the population made some kind of New Year’s resolution to be more healthy […]

Meatfree Monday: Low Carb Leek, Cauli, and Coconut Soup

So, we already know that cauli is perfect low carb substitute for pizza base, mash, and rice. It also works wonders in a Leek & Potato Soup Makeover. And instead of heavy cream, I used coconut milk, which is even more delicious IMHO (Acronym Alert!). Ingredients: 4 leeks, chopped. PS – you can use the leaves! […]