The Simple Substitutes Series: 8 Steps to Healthier Cooking

It’s easier than you think to make simple swaps that make a big difference.

1.  Whole grain, low GI carbs vs white, refined carbs(Including pasta, rice, bread, flours etc). When in doubt, brown is usually better. See here how you can magically transform cauliflower into your favourite carby treats..


2. Something meaty

With burgers, bolognaise and the like, make sure you use extra lean meat and bulk up the beef by adding grated veggies (carrot, butternut, zucchini.. whatev). Also a good budget tip! With soups, pizza, stews, curries, stirfries etc. add three times as many vegetables as meat. Using less meat is also an environmentally conscious move.  Cheap, tree-hugging and calorie friendly.

Yes, there is such a thing as too much meat

3. Dabbling in dairy?

Go for the low fat or fat free versions, even when cooking and baking. This goes for milk, evaporated milk, cottage cheese, cream cheese.. you probably won’t even taste the difference. Low fat plain yoghurt is also often a good substitute for mayo, cream or sour cream.

Instead of buying sugar-laden flavoured yoghurt, flavour your plain yoghurt with nuts, honey, and fruit. See here and here.

questionmark-grassDid you know? – Because most of the flavoured yoghurt we buy contains preservatives (all except the Woolies one), this kills all the good probiotics? Bowl me over, Clover! (PS. Plan yoghurt usually doesn’t have preservatives, check your labels)

4. Lose the lard

Get a bloody good non-stick pan (environmentally friendly one), a can of cooking spray, saute… sorted, Fatty!


5. Salad Savers

Much as I love a lettuce, it’s not exactly making any superfood lists. Try swapping some of the green stuff for spinach, kale, rocket, and watercress to include more nutrients. No salad wants to go naked, but try stick to simple (preferably homemade) dressings that don;t have too much oil, salt, yucky preservatives etc. Key ingredients to make your own include herbs, a little olive oil, vinegar, mustard, lemon and other fruit juice combinations.

6. A Salty Situation

It’s everywhere, so avoid adding extra to your food. Instead, flavour with herbs, spices, juices, vinegar, and other stuff that’s not going to give you the blood pressure of Mel Gibson.

When buying groceries, check the labels for sodium content…  you will find sky high levels where you least expect them! Anything over 5% RDA of sodium is too much!

7. Amazing Avocado

On sarmies and toast, use avo instead of butter. Avo can also be used as a healthy cream substitute. Try this super-simple pasta with Avocado Cream Sauce.


8. What do you have for breakfast?

Does it tick all the boxes? What I love about Herbalife Formula 1 is that not only is it scrummy and convenient, but I know I am getting what I need to start the day right (without going calorie-crazy).


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