The Snack I’m Ashamed Of

Is it this?….

Quick, nobody’s looking!

Or this?….

Surely this is shameful?….

Or.. WTF is that???

DSCF0185 (3)

It’s actually rather healthy… But just so damn weird.

The logic is relatively simple:

1. My favourite part of sushi is the sea weed (bring on the handrolls). So leftover sushi kit seaweed = yummy nibble. But something was missing…

2. What is delicious with everything? No brainer – PB for sure.

1 + 2 = Deep-Sea PB.

And I love it.

Please tell me I’m not completely nutty?

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3 thoughts on “The Snack I’m Ashamed Of

  1. I am totally in love with seaweed. The cashiers at my local grocery store laugh at me every week when I buy a snack pack of seaweed. I don’t know about seaweed and PB though!?!

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