What did I leave in my toiletry bag?

Oops, when I exposed my hippy-friendly toiletry bag, I left off my Ndlovu Artemesia Hand and Body Lotion. 


So local, and so lekker. This product range was developed by  Inyanga (medicinal healer) Dr Elliot Ndlovu, who I have known of since I was a little tot, as his home village is right next to to nature reserve where I grew up. He now has a garden of over 120 varieties of traditional healing plants at a local spa and produces a number of paraben and sulphate free products in the Ndlovu range using these natural ingredients.

The body lotion is infused with Marula seed oil, Rooibos extract, Lavendula, Aloe Ferox extract, Mentha Pioperita and Lemon.

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