Check those ingredients, Fatty!

With most of the recipes on this blog, I aim to use low (or natural) sugar, and whole unprocessed ingredients. For me, the reason is two-fold: 1. I love sweets and baked treats and I honestly think my life would be incomplete without them (bugger, sigh!) 2. My health, as well as living green and clean, is important to me.

I came across an interesting scary article about our food quality today, and why populations are just so damn large. You can read the full article here:

Here are some takeaway nuggets (‘scuse the pun):

  • According to research, we are not exercising less and eating more than we were a few decades ago – it’s the quality (or lack thereof) of the food we eat that’s the problem.
  • IN 1971 in the US, Richard Nixon was up for re-election, but food prices were soaring. He needed food prices to go down, so he recruited an agricultural expert to transform the food we eat.
  • Corn turned into cheap food; and then into high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), highly sweet, gloppy syrup, produced from surplus corn. And it was cheap. And pumped into every food conceivable.
  • At the same time, a new genre of food emerged. The love for “low fat”. Unfortunately, when you take the fat out of a recipe, food tastes like cardboard, and you need to replace it with something – that something being sugar.
  • In 1966 the proportion of people with a BMI of over 30 (classified as obese) was just 1.2% for men and 1.8% for women. By 1989 the figures had risen to 10.6% for men and 14.0% for women. And no one was joining the dots between HFCS and fat.
  • Something else was going on- more sugar we ate, the more we wanted, and the hungrier we became.
  • The US government is loathe to pump research into the ill-effects of the processed foods we eat – they’re cheap and profitable.

So is it going to be the bottom line, or just a big fat bottom?

Try These Recipes To Have your Cake and Eat It too:



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