What’s in my Toiletry Bag?

I’m sure it’s been a burning question on your mind since you first encountered this blog ūüėõ


  • Herbalife Herbal Aloe Strengthening Shampoo and Herbalife Strengthening Conditioner (see more details about these products here). No parabens or sulphates!
  • Bio Oil – did you know that it’s proudly South African!

I have a naughty/disgusting secret – I’m Shea, and I’m a pimple popper. I’m hoping that Bio Oil will live up to its claims and help with the subsequent scarring on my visage. Bio Oil is basically a combination of¬†plant extracts and vitamins suspended in an oil base. I was initially hesitant to slather oil on my face, but I find that it’s easily absorbed and actually works as a nice primer for blending foundation.¬†¬†It is a member of Beauty Without Cruelty, which means it’s not tested on animals (other than pimple-popping animals, perchance).

  • Melaskin Remedy

A natural treatment for sun damaged skin (admission #2: I am a sun-loving pasty), as well as a variety of fungal and viral problems (acne, molluscum, athlete’s foot, moles. eczema, cold sore… Uh oh, I sense admission #3!). All ingredients are 100% organic and the indigenous ingredients (tick for Proudly South African) are harvested sustainably.

  • Free & Fresh Roll-on Deodorant (mine is Clear Skies)


“Normal” deodorant contain aluminium, parabens and petrochemicals – enough to make you grow a third nipple. This deodorant range is¬†100% natural and earth friendly, contains certified organic ingredients with fragrances based on pure aromatherapy essential oils, is gentle on skin, not to mention it actually does reduce¬†¬†perspiration and combats body odour. Fragrant, aluminium free pits for the win!

  • Bee Natural All-Healing Balm

I want to bee this stuff. I love the honey smell, and it is the perfect lip balm. Locally sourced ingredients (all natural) make this another Proudly South African product. All Bee Natural products are chemical-, preservative- and fragrance-free, and made by hand. And it literally is an all-healing balm for almost any skin ailment.

  • African Organics Natural Shampoo.

This was the first non-toxic shampoo I bought – OK, but my mom and I agree it’s not as nice smelling and lathery as the Herbalife shampoo.

  • How arb, it’s bicarb (see why it’s¬†here)

Making me a happy hippy-at-heart

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5 thoughts on “What’s in my Toiletry Bag?

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  3. Hi Shea

    I saw your post on Faithful to Nature Facebook Page, and I couldn’t help looking in your toiletry bag ūüôā I used to use Bio Oil but I think they use harmful oils in their oil base. I didn’t realise, and also used it for my face until I looked into it, so thought I would let you know! I now use Argan Oil and it is amaaaazing – FTN stock a Nautica one that I think literally makes my skin look younger the next day after I have used it ūüôā I can’t rave about it enough. I actually work at Faithful to Nature, but I thought I would warn you as soon as I saw it in our bag as I didn’t realise either and always assumed it was natural. I am not 100% on the ingredients of their oil base, but you can always email our customer support team and they will pick them apart for you and normally have a TON of recommendations. And thanks for your support and sharing the love, have a fab day!

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