Lemon Meringue Pie Shake


Did I fool you?

(Image courtesy Google Images and Shea’s imagination).

Things got off to a good start.

I set the scene…


I found a quick ‘n dirty recipe for microwave meringues, and proceeded to separate an egg with great dexterity. Agile with albumen, success.

The next step was to make a paste with the egg white and icing sugar, before rolling into little balls and watching them puff up magically in the microwave.


About that…

Not one to give up too easily, I mixed in more icing sugar (by now half a packet), and just threw the whole bowl in the microwave, screw this “little ball” business.

It puffed, it deflated.. and I threw in on top in my lemon shake anyway (made with Herbalife Formula 1 vanilla, milk, and lemon juice).


And proceeded to scoop it all out, along with the muesli that was meant to sit snug at the bottom of the glass to mimic LMP crust. Those little bits just proceeded to float like eager effluent.

The cherry on top of my LMP disaster was managing to throw the teaspoon in the bin along with the rest of the shake.

The moral of this story…

If life hands you a lemon… please don’t make a lemon meringue pie shake.

4 thoughts on “Lemon Meringue Pie Shake

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