The Best Carb in your Kitchen


Whole wheat bread? Oats? Quinoa? Brown rice?

I beg to differ.


There is nothing Bicarbonate Soda cannot do. 


And it’s an eco-friendly option too! Not to mention budget-friendly.

There’s no B.S about B.S


  • Throw a cup in the loo, then flush to absorb odours and clean the can.
  • To get grit and grime off, use b.s for scrubbing plastic, showers, sinks etc. download
  • You can dry cleans your upholstery and carpets by sprinkling baking soda over the fabric and gently brushing it. Leave it for an hour or overnight, then vacuum.
  • Use a paste of bicarb on stained clothes before chucking them in the washing machine.
  • Bring b.s to your braai, using it to clean the grill.
  • Got a grubby fabric bag? Put bicarb on a small brush and rub your canvas clean.


  • Heartburn? Indigestion? Bang some bicarb – 1/2 Tsp in half a glass.
  • If you want to avoid fluoride in toothpaste, make a paste of bicarb and water and use as a toothpaste to keep those pearly whites looking, well, pearly white.
  • Freaky feet? A soak of bicarb can soften rough skin and calluses. It also removes bad odours from slippers and shoes.
  • Stinky pits? Rather than covering up odours, as other deos do, bicarb actually absorbs odours when dusted on the ‘ol underarms.
  • The abrasive quality of bicarb makes it a great body and facial scrub – why splash out on chemical-ridden yuckies lining the aisles of Clicks.
  • Relieve insect bites/bee stings/jellyfish stings/other skin irritations.


In the Home

  • Cut flowers stay fresh for longer with a teaspoon of b.s.
  • images (1)An open container of bicarb in the fridge absorbs those onion and leftover cabbage stirfry.
  • For those who puff on the ‘ol cancer stick, sprinkle bicarb into ashtrays to prevent smouldering and reduce the smell of old ash.
  • Soak your dish rags and sponges in bicarb and water to remove odours.

Who woulda thought?

  • Wiping your windshield with b.s repels rain.
  • A sprinkle of b.s repels ants and roaches.
  • You can also scatter it around your herb garden to keep the bunnies at bay.
  • While tending to your veggie gardens, sprinkle extra b.s on the soil around your tomato plants to make your tomatoes sweeter.
  • Make your omelettes fluffier by adding half a teaspoon of b.s for every three eggs used.

Bicarb Bomb…

  • Try adding a little drop of vinegar to your bicarb… BOOM! Great for cleaning drains,

Sign me up for a high-carb diet!


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