Don’t be flustered… it’s only custard

Here’s how to make a custard that can be trusted.




  • 2 Scoops Herbalife Formula 1 Vanilla/ Cookies & Cream/ Chocolate/ Strawberry (?)
  • 1 Tsp Vanilla Extract



1. Lazy option:

  • 2. Make me skinny option:200 ml Woolworths fresh custard
  • 50 milk/ soy milk

2. Make me skinny option

  • 200 ml Woolworths Slimmers Choice custard
  • 50 ml milk/ soy milk

For options 1 and 2, simply mix all of the above, adjusting the custard/milk ratio to desired consistency.

3. Cheap option:

  • 250 ml milk/soy milk
  • 1 – 2 Tsp sugar/honey (to taste)
  • 1 heaped Tbsp Woolworths Custard Powder  6009173755490_large

Mix the custard powder, Herbalife Formula 1, vanilla extract, the honey/sugar, and about half of the milk. Heat the remaining milk in the microwave or on the stove to boiling point.

Add the custard mixture to the near-boiling milk and stir well to avoid lumpy custard boarding school memories. Cook in the microwave or stove until the mixture has reached your desired consistency.

Serve hot or cold. Another unreal meal.



Did you know?

  • The reason I use Woolies custard is because it doesn’t contain the terrible yellow dye TARTRAZINE, and I really don’t want to include industrial waste as in my diet. Yes, literally,  industrial waste.
  • Especially if you have kids, tartrazine is known to be a catalyst for behavioural problems such as ADD. This also makes it easy to spot the kids who like banana-flavoured sweeties.
  • Be warned- manufacturers are sneaky, and tartrazine goes my many other names: FD & C yellow 5, c.i. food yellow 4, E102, acid yellow 23, hydrazine yellow, lebensmittelgelb 2, tartrazol yellow, TARTRAZINUM (come on, think that one was going to fool us?), Tartrazin, C.I. 19140
  • While you’re at it, also avoid FD&C Blue 1 (brilliant blue dye), FD&C Red 3: E127 (red), FD&C Red 40 (Allura Red)

These nasties lurk hidden and brazen in our grocery shelves, so be sure to check the labels of:

  • Custard
  • Sweeties (Smarties now contain no artificial colourants)
  • Yogurt
  • Margarine
  • Pastas with “macaroni sauce”
  • Orange cheeses
  • Any orange or yellow-coloured snacks (think corn chips etc.)
  • Puddings
  • Ice cream
  • Baked goods
  • Cosmetics
  • Alcohol “coolers” (Or “Alki-coolies”, love that name!)

The list goes on. Basically, just check, kapish?






2 thoughts on “Don’t be flustered… it’s only custard

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