Sprout ‘n About


Sprouts are GFU (good for you) x a million. So, who buys sprouts?….

Nope, sorry, no noddy badges. One word: SUCKERS!!
Paying in the region of R10 for a tiny little punnet? Sprout your own for about 50 c a cup, no jokes. Plus, you feel like a proud parent watching these cute little cherubs blossom (and it takes a helluva lot shorter than 9 months). It’s also extremely easy, no green thumbs required.

I have a nifty little sprouting stack (about R25 from health shops), which basically is three stacked dishes that allow water to drain through. You can also use a jar with mesh tied over the rim, used to drain water once or twice daily.  I saw a nifty one at a health shop that has a number of jars for you to put your pretty little sprouts on display:


Without even knowing it, you probably have things in your cupboard right now that you can sprout – lentils, chickpeas, I even tried the bird seed! Other easy sproutings are mung beans, alfalfa, radish seeds, onion seeds, mustard seeds.. the list goes on.

For speedier sprouting, soak you seeds in water overnight before putting them in your sprouter or jar.

sprout 1

“Grow us, grow us!”


Starting to sprout (bird seed at the back, not so much)


Reaaaady… You can even leave them to grow little leaves if you like.

Salads, sandwiches, stirfries, wraps, curries

I love sprouts so much I put them on anything and everything (other common culprits include peanut butter and curry powder/paste). My boyfriend was anti-me making him pizza (what kind of boy is anti-pizza?!) because he was afraid I would serve him up a nice hot pizza pie with “all those sprouts and lentils and grape pips”. Grape pips? Come on, I’m not that bad!

Warning: Please always chew your seeds and sprouts properly. My sister and I are forever scarred by the story of a lady who was once in hospital next to my Gran – I don’t remember all the details, but basically she used to eat a lot of seedy sprouty things and they started growing in her stomach! No one wants a leafy tummy.


Did you know?

  • Sprouts have up to 100 times more enzymes than other UNCOOKED vegetables and fruits. Enzymes are the catalysts for all your body’s functions – sprout me up, Scotty!
  • Protein quality and nutritional value  improves when sprouted.
  • Fibre content and vitamin content also increase substantially. And by substantially, we’re talking 285% for vitamin B1, 515% for vitamin B2, etc.!
  • The content of essential fatty acids increases during sprouting.
  • Sprouts are the ultimate in LOCALLY GROWN – in fact, they don’t even leave the kitchen.
  • Sprouts act as an alkaline to your body (many illness and cancers have been linked to excess acidity, hence the new rage for low-acid diets).
  • They are dirt cheap and hellishly healthy
  • And they’re cute

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/10-reasons-to-eat-sprouts.html#ixzz2VjZKgBM4


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