Herb 101: Joy via Bok Choy

Remember these little guys?

IMG00124-20130505-1145 A few weeks later…


Please pretend the massive holes in the leaves do not exist. Sometimes growing organic comes a little flea-bitten.

If you want Bok Choy as impressive as mine, read below for some growing tips:


Bak Choy seedlings like moisture-rententive soil, so make sure that you pat down the soil to make it more compact. Like all my herbs, I layered the soil with bone meal and potting soil.


When you plant seedlings, remember to water them well to encourage the roots to settle. Keep them well-watered.

Time of year

Unlike my cruel propagation of warm watercress, Bok Choy plants thrive in cool weather, so seems I didn’t bok this one up. The seedlings will withstand frost, and even light freezes. Whether I do too remains to be seen.


Young leaves are ready for the pickin’ after about 30 days, fresh for your salads. I love bokking my choy in stirfries, so I wait about 45 days until the plant has developed a ‘heart’ in the middle.

When you wok them, the white stems take longer to cook than the green leaves, so you can separate the green from the stems and stirfry separately. Beef ‘n bok choy stirfry, get in my belly!

Bok Choy

Did you know?

pc 4


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