A complete, warm meal in a mug on a wintry day – with a kick of caffeine, what could be better?



2 Tbsp. Herbalife Formula 1 Vanilla (or Chocolate Formula 1, for a Mochaccino, if you’re fancy!)
200 ml water/milk/soy milk
1 Tsp. instant Coffee (or 1 shot of espresso, if you’re fancy!)
1 Tsp. vanilla essence (optional)
100 ml skim milk
dash cinnamon


Mix or blend your Herbalife Formula 1 with hot water/milk/soy milk. Add instant coffee and vanilla essence, and transfer to a snug mug.

Warm and froth your milk. If you aren’t fancy like me, who has a fancy milk frother (not that lany – R99 from Game), don’t despair.. I’ll show you how it’s done fancy-free in an upcoming post.


I digress..

Spoon the fancy frothy milk into your mug and top with a dash of cinnamon.


– I have found that although it has the best nutty, sweet deliciousness, soy milk doesn’t froth for me. Silly beans!

– Don’t go too wild with the cinnamon… too much and it will melt your frothy goodness away.


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